Installation of ceiling

ceiling installation torontoAre you looking for an ideal solution for ceiling renovation to improve acoustics or insulation, hide your plumbing pipes or mechanical services, resist moisture and reduce noise? False ceilings will not cost you a fortune and completely convert your room. They are ideal for rooms that are below bathrooms like basements and first floor rooms, in case of a leak in the overhead plumbing, a suspended ceiling can make access to it easier. House Renovations specializes in highly-efficient installation of suspended, drop and acoustical ceilings for commercial and residential projects of any size and texture in Toronto and the GTA.

A drop or suspended ceiling consists of 2 key elements: a tile and a grid. A metal grid is fixed to a wall in a crisscross pattern of beams. The beams have a small ledge that supports the tiles, suspending them overhead. In a very large room additional supporting wires may be needed for grids. Fibers of mineral, composite, tin, plastic and/or fire-rated wood are used for production of tiles. They are installed onto the ledges not all at the same time of the grid work. As a rule, the tiles are available in 1’x1’, 2’x2’, and 2’x4’ size of a panel.

One of the most attractive pros of a suspended ceiling is future access to all mechanical services under the roof area of an office or under the floor area of a home. In case of a plumbing pipe leak, only a few easily replaceable ceiling tiles or panels will be damaged and it does not require to complete the ceiling tile replacement. You will pay more to have the drywall replaced, removed, mudded, tapped and painted. The average cost of a drop ceiling installation will be the most economical option for your budget.

One of the greatest challenges of a suspended ceiling installation is ensuring that a grid is installed in correct level. Our experts use laser leveling equipment to carry out this phase of installation exactly and consistently. Another thing that should be considered that false ceiling will lower the height of a room or a basement; it is not as sturdy as traditional one, therefore, earthquakes, for example, can cause grids to come free of their supports. Besides, posts, beams, furnace and air conditioning ductwork are required more complicated integration into drop ceiling compared to a straightforward installation with no obstacles. It requires cutting and custom fitting or the trims that should be left to the certified professionals.

Contact us and our experts will consider all pros and cons of the project, understand your expectations and draw out a strategy special for your needs to guarantee you customer satisfaction.