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Why settle for average or even less when you can create the unique and stunning bathroom that can set the tone for the rest of your day?  When it comes to any problems with your bathroom or shower installation, let us, the professionals of House Renovations company, Toronto and the GTA, make them disappear and get you satisfying transformations with our prompt and efficient service. Our experts provide not only top-to-bottom makeovers, such as installation of additional bathroom or basement bathroom and shower installation, but small-space solutions like installing ceramic tile in a shower, shower base  or changing bathtub as well.

The work of our specialists is affordable, highly qualified and thoroughly professional. We are able to tackle your entire bathtub, shower and bathtub to shower conversion needs to make your next bathroom renovation a great success with a satisfying stress-free customer experience.

The expert plumbers at House Renovations can assist you with any issue in your bathroom. Specifically, our shower and tub services include:

Bathtub and shower

  • Installation, replacement and repair

Discoloration, mold and mildew are the most typical enemies of our bathrooms. We suggest from the simplest and most cost-effective solution of re-glazing your existing bathtub to an installation of new bathtub that often costs little more than re-glazing service. Moreover, our specialists detect any potential existing problems, eliminate mildew, mold or improper drainage, replace the old drywall behind your bathtub.

New, technologically advanced showers and units of any size, style and fixtures ergonomically maximize space, save water and have various pressure settings.

  • Bathtubs to shower conversion

Slipping or tripping on the ledge of a tub is one of the leading reasons of injury risk for seniors and people with mobility issues. We offer to convert your bathtub into a modern shower with easy-to-use seats and sturdy handles.

  • Retrofitting

If you are not satisfied with your bathroom conversion, House Renovations experts can make it possible to return it to normal state. Save up to 75% over the cost of removal and replacement of existing tub with a cosmetic makeover! Our experts will repair chips or cracks, restore the surface of your bathtub with non-acid bathtub refinishing process and even change its colour.

  • Installation of shower bases

Let our technicians transform your shower floor in a 1-day installation. For a new impeccable look of your shower we suggest a wide range of materials, from fiberglass or acrylic to a timeless marble. We offer in-line shower bases (square, rectangular, two-sided, with or without seat option) and corner shower bases (arc, neo angle, round or wedge) that are available in different colours and dimensions to suit your shower.

  • Drain unclogging

Hair, soap and toothpaste builds up in the trap and drainpipe making clogs in sinks, showers and tubs. Our skilled specialist clean the drain of any debris and properly restore drainage.

  • Water pressure

Typically, the main cause of poor water pressure is clogged pipes. Our plumbers will inspect your water supply system pressure and replace damaged pipes to solve the problem.

  • Water pipes

Relocation, installation or repairing of your water and drain lines is our specification.

  • Leaky pipes and fixtures

You can rely on our professional in case of any emergent situation. Our plumbers are on-call 24/7 to fix the overflowing bathroom or spewing faucet in Toronto and the GTA. Response fast and fix the problem is our motto.


Our plumbers provide installation of a new sink, repairing or replacing faucets or unclogging sink drains. We will save your time, nerves and costs.


If you need any sort of toilet repair connected with clogging, running, lack of flushing power or plan replacement or installation, House Renovations licensed plumbers will do their best to solve any existing problem.

Ceramic tile installation

The timeless popularity of tile and stone for a bathroom is connected with a wide range of benefits from easy cleaning, water resistance and prevention of moisture to long-lasting lifespan, durability and a touch of beauty and value. Installing ceramic tile and stone is an environmentally friendly process, totally free of fumes or toxins unlike some types of paint that emit VOCs. Choose from a range of finishes such as matt, glossy, or semi-glossy. Installing ceramic tile in your shower will continue the patterns and style of your floor to the wall. You can only take advantage of your shower installation, if it is done appropriately and correctly by professionals of House Renovations.

You certainly deserve a relaxing getaway with a professional bathroom and shower installation by House Renovations professionals, Toronto and the GTA!
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