Door Installation in Toronto and the GTA

doors installation

Being the central focal point for every visitor who examines exterior of your house, your entrance door plays a determining role in the perceived value of your home and reflects its style. Doors tell who you are as a homeowner, but also stay within the architectural detailing of the home. Suitable doors add to your home not only the curb appeal of your house but the style and functionality as well.

To provide functional and aesthetic effectiveness of your house it is very important to find a true professional for door installation (and accompanying doorframe and trim installation) in Toronto and the GTA. House Renovations’ specialized team provides this kind of service with an extremely high quality, as we understand the fact that even the best products will work well as they are installed properly. Starting from front doors to storm, sliding and even pet doors, we are eager you get the right door for your needs, installed the right way. House Renovations company gives prime importance to our customers and make sure that they get what they want.


Professional advice & accurate installation

It serves best to entrust experienced contactor as House Renovations company, Toronto and the GTA, because window and door installation is our specialty. Whether you are concerned about energy efficiency your door can provide or matching with perfect design of your home – whatever you needs are our team can give their expert opinion to help you choose the best door you want in Toronto and the GTA.


After you make the choice of the right door, our specialists will thoroughly complete correct door measurements to get the right size door. This procedure will eliminate the risk to install a poorly fitted door that would open and close with difficulties. No matter what type of door is required, precise measurements will prevent it from functioning improperly. However, our customers do not have to worry about such matters or additional costs as our experts will always get the right measurements and save your money.


Our door installation process

We always do our best to perform a high quality installation, no matter what type of door you want installed. After measuring and manufacturing, the process of both entrance and interior door installation consists of several phases:

  1. Review: our specialist will review the door installation plan with you so you can plan your time and understand each steps;
  2. Cover: we will lay out drop cloths to protect your indoor and outdoor space;
  3. Remove: our craftsmen will remove your old door, frame and trim if it is necessary;
  4. Install: your new door will be put in, besides, if it is necessary a new frame and trim around the doors will be installed. Installing trim around doors  we will take care of its insulation as well;
  5. Clean: any mess we make will be packed and cleaned up after door and frame installation;
  6. Updates: our team will update you on current progress throughout the day if more than one door is being installed, or one door is being installed with the full-frame method;
  7. Haul: after completed installation our professionals will dispose your old door as well as demolition waste.