Appliance installation

Appliance installation

Have you ever faced with a situation when after purchase of a so cherished household appliance you have discovered that the installation may not be as simple as you have expected? Properly appliance installation can be a complicated and cumbersome task, especially if larger, outdated apparatuses need to be replaced. Besides, the appliances will not run smoothly, if they are not assembled and installed correctly. A bad plumbing or gas connection, a missed wire – and, in result, you will get a much bigger project on your hands. That is when we – a professional team of appliance installation specialists at House Renovations company – come in. Our experts understand the importance of having your kitchen appliances installed correctly and safely installed and tested by our team of skilled technicians. We are dedicated to taking care of any problem and giving you the best service possible from start to finish. Our highly experienced and ESA-licensed electricians are ready for all possible home renovations and equipped to every job with the proper tools for homes in Toronto and the GTA.

What services do we offer?

  • Ensure gas and water lines are hooked up correctly with no leaks;
  • Do a range of modifications from cabinet alterations, countertop cutting, gas/ electrical/ plumbing relocations, roof jacks;
  • Install built-in kitchen appliances correctly;
  • Add or adjust electrical wiring and pipes;
  • Set up and test smart home appliances;
  • On-site work inspections prior to installation to provide a firm quote in advance and to prepare our installer teams for a custom job properly.
  • Replace your old appliances with new, and haul away the old at no extra cost.
  • Full time, qualified in-house carpenters dealing with any planned or unplanned structural defects that are discovered
  • Efficiently trained and certified technicians with fully stocked trucks prepared to repair the first trip out.

Our punctual, reliable staff work every day to ensure that our customers have the best experience We can provide you with your 4-hour time window the evening prior to your scheduled install or survey date. Our friendly appliance installation teams will also call you 20-30 minutes prior to arrival. We try to accomodate all our customers requests.


We provide appliance installation services at the most cost-effective price, just ask around and contact us!